Our Take on General Hospital Episode 3- It Went Downhill


On today’s episode of Our Take on General Hospital our host Johnathon is joined by GH fans Tina and Karen from Wubs.net to discuss the latest happenings on General Hospital for the episodes airing September 30th-October 4th

Story Discussion:

Carly gave birth to a baby girl named Donna. .... And she's OKAY? Magic surgery to cure the problem.... do we even want GH to tell a story of a child with disability?

Sam was arrested for Shiloh's murder…..

Lulu overheard Dr. O and Sasha discuss that Sasha was not Nina's daughter.

Kevin and Laura uncovered a clue to the codicil.

Nelle made arrangements for her upcoming parole hearing.

Jax realized why Hayden hadn't told Finn about her daughter.


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